ISSN 2500-2236
DOI-prefix: 10.18527/2500-2236

Volume 7, Number 1, 2020

Detection and identification of wheat and barley phytopathogens in the Russian Federation

Olga Y. Slovareva

Pages 1-12 (Rus), 13-23 (Eng)

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Enhanced CD8+ T-cell response in mice immunized with NS1-truncated influenza virus

Kirill A. Vasilyev, Anna-Polina S. Shurygina, Marina A. Stukova, Andrej Y. Egorov

Pages 24-33 (Eng)

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The impact of the global distribution of bats on mortality in COVID-19 patients

Andrej Egorov, Julia Romanova

Pages 34-41 (Rus), 42-48 (Eng)

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The risk of developing a Clostridium difficile infection from the administration of different classes of antibiotics and their combinations to children in an oncological hospital

Mariya G. Shvydkaya, Aleksandr M. Zatevalov, Dzhamilya T. Dzhandarova, Sergey D. Mitrokhin

Pages 49-53 (Rus), 54-58 (Eng)

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Hypothesis: daptomycin permeabilizes membranes by forming self‑assembled nanotubes

Alexander Zhivich

Pages 59-71 (Eng)

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