ISSN 2500-2236
DOI-prefix: 10.18527/2500-2236

Volume 3, Number 1, 2016

The challenges of creating a universal influenza vaccine

Andrej Y. Egorov

Pages 1-12 (Rus); 31-41 (Eng)

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Factors affecting the immunogenicity of the live attenuated influenza vaccine produced in continuous cell line

Andrea Wolkerstorfer, Dietmar Katinger, Julia Romanova

Pages 13-24

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Influence of single amino acid substitutions in the hemagglutinin on antigenic and receptor-binding properties of influenza virus B/Florida/04/2006 of Yamagata-like evolutionary lineage

Evgeniy V. Sorokin, Tatyana R. Tsareva, Anna A. Sominina, Maria M. Pisareva, Andrey B. Komissarov, Аnna А. Kosheleva

Pages 25-30 (Rus); 56-60 (Eng)

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Development of the A/H6N1 influenza vaccine candidate based on A/Leningrad/134/17/57 (H2N2) master donor virus and the genome composition analysis using high resolution melting (HRM)

Yulia A. Desheva, Tatiana A. Smolonogina, Galina O. Landgraf, Larisa G. Rudenko

Pages 42-48 (Rus); 61-67 (Eng)

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A new safe and effective cold-adapted modified live equine influenza virus vaccine that enables the differentiation of infected from vaccinated animals

Kaissar Tabynov

Pages 49-55 (Rus); 68-73 (Eng)

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