ISSN 2500-2236
DOI-prefix: 10.18527/2500-2236


Volume 5, Number 1, 2018
... linear growth of mycelial fungi [2]. After 7 days of incubation in the dark at 24℃, the species composition of fungi was identified and the number of ...
Authors: Aleksandra S. Orina, Olga P. Gavrilova, Tatiana Yu. Gagkaeva
Том 5, номер 1, 2018
... . culmorum, and F. sporotrichioides fungi, which are often present in mycobiota of small grain cereals. The content of DNA of aggressive pathogen B. sorokiniana was determined using ...
Authors: А. С. Орина, О. П. Гаврилова, Т. Ю. Гагкаева
Том 5, номер 1, 2018
... Fungi of the ascomycete genus Diaporthe have been identified worldwide. Typically, Diaporthe species are saprobes, endophytes, or plant pathogens. The distinction between the ...
Authors: М. М. Гомжина, Ф. Б. Ганнибал
Volume 5, Number 1, 2018
... , HyCloneTM, GE Healthcare Life Science, Austria) and 0.4 μl/l Triton X-100 (Panreac, Spain) that restricts the growth of fungi. The Petri dishes were incubated at 24℃ in the dark and ...
Authors: Maria M. Gomzhina, Philipp B. Gannibal
Volume 4, Number 1, 2017
... used classes of antibiotics is β-Lactams (e.g. Fig. 3).
The first antibiotic penicillin was isolated from Penicillium fungi by Alexander Fleming in ...
Authors: Alexander Zhivich